[j-nsp] replacing juniper hard drive, smartd problems

billp billp at wjp.net
Thu Mar 20 12:17:35 EST 2003

We have a M20 RE that is not under any kind of service contract,
with a failing hard drive.  I replaced the drive with another
drive that is identical (manufacturer, model series) - except the
size of the drive.  All partition tables/data were copied off the
old drive with no problem.

Everything is working great, except smartd is now complaining that
the new drive is not smart capable:

Mar 20 17:20:14  smartd[526]: smartd: not qualified on model IC25N030ATDA04-0
Mar 20 17:20:14  smartd[526]: SMART capable device not found

I have indeed verified that (a) the drive is smart capable, and
(b) that smart is enabled on the drive.


Does juniper hardcode drive model numbers into smartd or otherwise make
it so it would not work on a different drive?

Anyone have any experience with smartd that could point me in the
right direction to get this resolved?  

I suppose I could leave it complaining or disable smartd, but I 
would really rather fix it and have it working 100%


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