[j-nsp] Console and Aux configuration

Harry Reynolds harry at juniper.net
Thu May 1 10:22:51 EDT 2003

Is the emulation and modem (DTE side) set to 9600 8/n/1, and are you
using vt100/ansi emulation? Note that a V.90 modem may connect at
9600 on the telco side while attempting to operate at some different
speed, i.e., 115.2K on the digital side.

At one point you could configure various speeds and async parameters
on the aux/console ports, but at least as far as the baud rate was
concerned, the ports always operated at 9600 Bps regardless of the
configured speed; later JUNOS versions no longer allow speed
configuration, if I am not mistaken.

I know of no "supported" way to disable the console, and would not
recommend it as this could lock you out of the router at some later

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> I am a newbie to Juniper hardware, and have a couple of of queries.
> When trying to configure the Aux port with a modem, I find
> that I am able to
> connect to the router using windows hyper-terminal, but I
> get a garbled
> screen. Is there anything that I am missing.
> Is there anyway to disable the console port on a Juniper
> router. I tried
> doing the same by using the "delete system ports console".
> But I find that
> while the Junos software accepts the statement, Console
> access seems to
> still work.
> TIA,
> neil.
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