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Hi Mario,

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> Hi everyone.  I am not by any means an expert on this matter and just
> looking for clarification/information.  I need to know how 
> does Juniper work
> in a self healing SONET ring?  Is it necessary to have an 
> external ADM?  If
> so, who do you recommend?

Juniper supports APS (MSP of you prefer SDH :-), so it is possible to
connect one or two Juniper routers to one or two ADMs or, theoretically, one
or two more Junipers.  The Junipers don't form part of the ring, they're
just multiply connected to one or two points on the ring.

> Does Juniper support RPR (Resilient Packet Ring) or is that 
> even something
> that would be done on the router itself?

Juniper doesn't support RPR right now.  I'm not quite sure what you mean by
the last phrase, "or is that even something that would be done on the router
itself?".  RPR is a layer two media (which happens to use SONET framing)
supported by a number of router vendors, including Cisco and Riverstone
(those are just two I know of) and APS is a SONET function supported by
several router vendors, including Cisco and Juniper.



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