[j-nsp] icmp problems tracing through m20's

Harry Reynolds harry at juniper.net
Thu May 22 12:11:22 EDT 2003


I have not messed with mtr, but can confirm that ICMP rate limiting
on the fxp1 interface will result in some packet loss when performing
rapid (flood) pings that are destined to a PFE interface (this
traffic must transit fxp1). A recent email indicated these parameters
are now in effect; I have not confirmed:

The default rate limiting is 50 per second per logical interface
and I think 500 per box per second.

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> Hi
> has anyone ever experienced problems where icmp traces
> (using mtr) to
> destinations through an m20 show no packet loss at the
> last hop but
> varying amounts of packet loss on one of the juniper interfaces?
> tracing to the juniper itself shows no packet loss.
> It has been suggested that this may be down to default
> icmp throttling on
> the junipers. does anyone know anything about this?
> Thanks
> David
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