[j-nsp] M20 redundancy config?

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Fri May 23 11:23:52 EDT 2003

Hi Bill,

I would also look into configuring system processes for failover in case you
have a deamon failure.

[edit system]
processes {
    routing failover other-routing-engine;

in the above example, if the routing deamon (rpd) on RE0 (master) fails it
would cause a switchover to the other RE.


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After looking through all the docs and notes, I have come up with
the following config to enable reduncancy on an M20 (installed
dual RE and dual SSB):

chassis {
    redundancy {
        routing-engine 0 master;
        routing-engine 1 backup;
        ssb 0 preferred;
        failover on-loss-of-keepalives;

I also use "commit sync" when committing configs, and try and
do a "request system snapshot" on both RE's individually, 

Question is- is this the proper configuration and operational
way to ensure redundancy in case of an RE or SSB failure?

Is there a better 'best practice'?

Any input appreciated.  Any other ideas/methods to increase
reliability/failover/etc would also be appreciated.


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