[j-nsp] QPP PIC STM-1 channel capacity

K.K. Verma kkverma at juniper.net
Tue Sep 16 15:44:26 EDT 2003

Hi Daniel,

The table in the attached document is a bit confusing. I will request tech-pubs to make  proper corrections and
make it more clear.
Please understand the limitations in this way:

This is per port basis of STM-1 QPP PIC:

Total number of interfaces (ifds) per port in JUNOS 5.7 = 168
Total number of interfaces (ifds) per port in JUNOS 6.0 = 336

Max E1's = 63 ,  per STM-1

-> I am explaning the distribution of 336 interfaces of STM1-QPP in  JUNOS 6.0:

NxDS-0 = 256,  If the "N" in NxDS-0 is 8 or less (if you select number of time-slots 8 or less for a channel

If the "N" in NxDS-0 is 9 or more, you can make max of 336 interfaces including NxDS-0 and E1's.

In order to reach the max possible number of 336 interfaces per port of STM1-QPP PIC, you are free to make
partitions of E1's in any manner.
The limitation of NxDS-0 = 256 comes, when you try to make all NxDS-0 interfaces with time slots 8 or less.

n[NxDS-0] + m[Remaining E1's] = 336  (max.)

KK Verma

PS: In JUNOS 5.7 we had limitations of 128 NxDS-0, which has been improved in JUNOS 6.0 as explained above

Daniel wrote:

> Hi everybody.. how do you guys read the following table..
> http://www.juniper.net/techpubs/software/junos/junos60/feature-guide-60/html/fg-channelized-qpp2.html#1031725
> where it says maximum per pic for STM-1 128... but then nxDS0.. 310..
> pardon my ignorance but 310 is the max number of groups of DS0s right? and
> 128 is the maximum number of interfaces per PIC? so in reality.. you can
> only have 128 nxDS0s right?
> Thanks
> Daniel
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