[j-nsp] uRPF config

Sonny Franslay sonnyfranslay at pacific.net.sg
Thu Sep 18 20:32:35 EDT 2003

Hi Pekka,

Thanks for the reply.

> In other words, feasible path strict uRPF works in most cases also with
> asymmetrical routing and multihomed scenarios.  This is only implemented
> by Juniper AFAIK.

so what is the significant of "rpf-check mode loose" on the interface when
I use feasible path?

Also what would the be the effect when I have a default route configured?

As far as I can gather from the juniper.net/techpubs is this:
"Loose mode—All packets are automatically accepted. For this reason, we
recommend that you not configure unicast RPF loose mode on interfaces that
the default route uses."

BTW, I am using junos 5.6R2.4


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