[j-nsp] L2 Kompella VPN - VPWS ?

Bala Venkata vpbs_bak at rediffmail.com
Tue Sep 23 00:52:11 EDT 2003

How do you define a L2 Kompella VPN using the terminology from L2 
VPN Framework doc ("draft-ietf-l2vpn-l2-framework-01.txt") Do I 
classigy it as a "VPWS" since for every site to connect to a 
'remote site' I need a pseudo-wire type configuration ? Is this a 
valid assumption ? I can see how a L2 Martini VPN maps to a VPWS 
but having trouble coming to terms with Kompella VPNs.

(On a related topic I see the "Classification of VPNs" (section 4) 
in a old "PPVPN Terminology" IETF draft...how does Kompella VPN 
fit into this ?)




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