[j-nsp] VoIP Queuing Buffer settings & QOS Mechanics

Damon Pegg damon.pegg at uk.easynet.net
Mon Feb 2 06:51:24 EST 2004

Anyone have experience in temporal buffer definitions for priority
strict-high type transmission scheduler queues on M series?

I'm looking for a sensible value for my VoIP queue.  Since the strict-high
queue doesn't respect the transmission-rate percent I want to use this to
effectively put an absolute (hopefully never used) cap on voice traffic as
well as guaranteeing delay/jitter per device.  I see several advantages in
termporal setting for the Voice queue but dont have experience in
implementing.  I'm running over a gig ethernet + network.

Also, Juniper recommends not using strict-high and high queues on the same
interface unless network control traffic is >5%.  Why is this such a problem
when the high queue can have more rigid constraints on it than the
strict-high.  Surely with good buffer-size and transmit-rate settings this
can be effective without being too damaging too low priority queues... 

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