[j-nsp] required re to suport full bgp table

HyunSeog Ryu r.hyunseog at ieee.org
Thu Feb 19 16:55:54 EST 2004

I think it will be depending on your configuration
along with other features.
256MB will be enough for one full BGP routing table.
But I want to go with max memory if you wants to use this as important.
Memory usage will be different based on lots of reason or events.

Frequent flapping of connections
IBGP/EBGP peering numbers
other features or functions from router

 From Juniper M20 with one external BGP peering - full BGP routing - and a 
coupel of IBGP session, I saw it uses 180MB, but occasionally it uses up to 213MB.

If you use more than physical memory, it should be swapped, and that will give 
slow response time from routing-engine.

I think you can use PC memory for memory expansion,
but I think Juniper did a good job to make reliable router,
so I bought memory from them at expensive price for them
to stay in the market as long as we use Juniper router. ^.^

Martin Robinson wrote:

> Hi,
> Trying to spec up a juniper m5/m10/m40, main requiremnt is that we need to hold a full bgp routing table, is there a mimimum spec of routing engine we should be looking at.
> Martin.
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