[j-nsp] Class of service in layer 2 VPN

Lian Lian l2vpn2003 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 03:54:42 EST 2004

Hi, all.

I have some questions regarding Class of service in

Say I use vlan-ccc in the following setup:

             PE1                     PE2
 ge-1/0/0.1--   --so-1/0/0-so-2/0/0--   --ge-2/0/0.1

a.  Will the 802.1 P bit be copied onto the lsp
between PE1 and PE2?

b.  Will it be possible to configure class of service
on the egress GE interface: say I want to have 4
classes, each have a different scheduler and drop

Thanks for your help.

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