[j-nsp] broken pcmcia-flash

Panny Malialis panny at hotlinks.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 07:30:01 EDT 2004


I do have a juniper resellers support contract but the usual guy I deal with is on annual leave and noone seems to be getting back
to me today :(

I broke my pcmcia flash while trying to reinstall junos to a RE which I now think has a broken hard drive or lost its partitions.

I think it started installing onto itself then failed 1/2 way through.

Can anyone tell me a way to snapshot a good copy of junos from a good RE onto the pcmcia card? or copy software onto it again using
some other method?

BTW, when I insert the pcmcia card into a windows pc, it only shows up as a 10mb drive not 128mb.

Is this correct?



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