[j-nsp] Loopbacks per VRF or in inet.0

Paul Goyette pgoyette at juniper.net
Tue Jun 15 09:38:15 EDT 2004

Why not simply put multiple addresses on a single loopback interface?

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hi all,

I just discovered that only one loopback interface can be part of a single
VRF or inet.0.

I was trying to add 2 loopbacks (unit 1 and unit 2) as part of the same VRF
but it fails. Anyone suggest why is it so ?

My requirement is that in one VRF I have 4 BGP peers (2 providers at 2
different POPs). I would like to use 1 loopback interface for one provider
and another loopback interface for the other.

This requirement is because one provider wants me to use the BGP peering IP
address from his IP range and hence would give me the IP.

Thanks in advance.


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