[j-nsp] IFA Generation Mismatch?

Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Sat Jun 26 19:19:22 EDT 2004

So, anyone seen this one before?

rpd[2450]: krt_ifcheck_chunk: Starting interface state recovery
rpd[2450]: RPD_KRT_IFA_GENERATION: ifa generation mismatch -- rpd 1 kernel 3

KERNEL 6.2R2.4 #0 built by builder on 2004-03-19 13:39:35 UTC
RPD release 6.2R2.4 built by builder on 2004-03-19 13:19:16 UTC

Doesn't seem to be a mismatch in the code, and I can't find any other
references to it.

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