[j-nsp] Weird traceroute across MPLS core using labeled-unicast IBGP

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Mon Mar 8 17:38:37 EST 2004

dr at cluenet.de (Daniel Roesen) writes:

> This is the basic misunderstanding. so-0/2/0 is NOT in a VRF, it's
> simply a non-VPN interface. But as I have only the choice of running
> EITHER "family unicast" OR "family labeled-unicast", the D PE will
> always assign a VPN MPLS label to the route. Ideally, I would like to
> see VPN labels attached ONLY to routes within L3VPN VRFs, NOT to
> other routes which get advertised via IBGP.

            family (inet | inet6 | inet-vpn | l2-vpn) {

                labeled-unicast {

                    rib inet.3;		<====



You can allow both labeled and unlabeled routes to be exchanged in a single session. The labeled routes are placed in the inet.3 routing table, and both labeled and unlabeled unicast routes can be sent or received by the router.


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