[j-nsp] VPLS questions

Bala Venkata balavenkata at netscape.net
Mon Nov 1 04:29:08 EST 2004

1. Does anyone know the operational differences between vlan-vpls and
extended-vlan-vpls encapulations in JunOS ? I saw some notes abt TPID
values in the tech docs but need better explanation. If you have any
running configs that would greatly help (in fact if u could share any
of your running vpls config I'd vote for ur candidate on tue :))

2. Juniper docs do not talk abt any limitation on number of sites in a
PE. Can an operator add any number of sites on the same PE to the same
VPLS forwarding instance ?

3. Have u come across any vpls topologies other than standard full-mesh
with JunOS ?



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