[j-nsp] Active Routes on LSP - troubleshooting

Alexander Arsenyev (GU/ETL) alexander.arsenyev at ericsson.com
Mon Nov 8 08:58:47 EST 2004


My pleasure.
The routes mapped into LSP BB1.REI-BB1.COU should be in inet.3 table and to display them all
"show route table inet.3 terse | match BB1.REI-BB1.COU" should work for You, I reckon.

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> Hello,
> What really happens here is a recursive prefix-to-LSP mapping. 
> Firstly, BB1.REI learned 11 prefixes which have a next hop of and they have been
> mapped directly into LSP BB1.REI-BB1.COU.  Secondly, at least one of these 11 routes was used
> to resolve next-hop of other BGP routes and these other routes also become mapped into this
> LSP. "show route next-hop <hext-hop value>" command displays only prefixes which have
> next-hop attribute set to the specified value, not all routes pointing to the specified next
> hop. Makes sense?

This is it indeed! I've found a lot of routes that resolve on those 11 BGP aggregates inside my
network. This is an unwanted behavior that I need to fix.

Thanks very much for pointing this out Alexander.

Do you know any CLI way to show all those prefix-to-LSP mappings ?


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