[j-nsp] bgp routes not passing traffic between routers, traff ic dropped

Alexander Arsenyev (GU/ETL) alexander.arsenyev at ericsson.com
Wed Nov 10 15:35:41 EST 2004


Would You be able to repeat the test (ping+traceroute) from router1 but with source address that of
the server-router1 link, i.e.
ping/traceroute source <IP address of server-router1 link, on router1 end>
I believe it would succeed but how about packet drops?

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Placing the same filter on all the upstream next-hops on 
router2, shows NO packets attempting to leave the router
when packets are sourced from router1.

So router1->router2->internet  FAILS
   router2->internet  SUCCEEDS

It appears that only packets destined for certain prefixes
from router1 are dropped by router2.  

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