[j-nsp] BGP mtu-discovery and current behaviour

Pekka Savola pekkas at netcore.fi
Tue Nov 16 03:28:42 EST 2004


JunOS 7.0 seems to be supporting BGP mtu-discovery.  No documentation, 
however, describes the *current* behaviour.

What *is* the current behaviour?  (It might not hurt to have a better 
description of what mtu-discovery actually does, depending on the 
current behaviour)

Checking from my debug logs, it seems that already BGP seems to be 
sending large packets, as apparently evidenced by grepping BGP debug 
logs and looking for BGP updade lengths, and noting things like:

Oct 14 09:06:49 BGP SEND message type 2 (Update) length 3068

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