[j-nsp] ssh (cli?) differences in 6.4R2.

Kisito Nguene Ndoum kisito at juniper.net
Tue Nov 16 05:20:13 EST 2004

Hello Scott,

This defect has been fixed recently under PR/32583 ( committed in JUNOS 
6.4R3  7.0R2 and higher ).

- Kisito

At 11:02 AM 11/16/2004, Scott A. McIntyre wrote:

>--On Tuesday, November 16, 2004 04:39:59 CET -0500 Jeff Wheeler
><jeff at reflected.net> wrote:
> > On Tue, 2004-11-16 at 02:36, Igor Gashinsky wrote:
> >>      I ran into this exact issue as well, and according to juniper
> >> that's the way it will work from this point on (previous behavior was
> >> broken). To get multi-commands to work via ssh, do this:
> >
> > Note that the cli is invoked for "regular users" based on the shell
> > configured in /etc/passwd.  If you felt like being non-standard, you
> > could simply change the user's shell back to /usr/sbin/cli.
>Unfortunately, this doesn't cut it:
>scott:*:2007:20:Scott A. McIntyre:/var/home/scott:/usr/sbin/cli
>In other words, my shell is indeed the cli, but when you run ssh with
>commands to execute, it still pushes them through "sh -c" -- however,
>Igor's suggestion does work, it just means some adjustment of internal
>tools which were expecting one type of behaviour and were disappointed when
>they did not receive it.
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