[j-nsp] 1000B-LH PIC lamda 1550 works with RS gige card at 1310 nm

Matt Yaklin myaklin at g4.net
Fri Nov 26 23:30:26 EST 2004


I have a juniper with a gige pic. (LH model).

The laser inside it was matched up to the manufacturers
site to have a lamda of 1550 nm. (It appears Juniper makes
two version of this card? 1550 and 1310 nm?)

I used a 10dbm attenuator on the TX which went to a Riverstone
gige card (LX mid-range) which uses lamda 1310. The Riverstone
TX also has a 10dbm attentuator attached.

I THOUGHT the RS card was 1550 nm during this whole time.

Well, the darn thing works. I was using a test set to make
sure my signal was up to par when I discovered my error.
These devices that produce the laser must have quite the
wide range from its center.

Well, my questions are, has anyone tried this before?

If you did, what were the results?

I am pushing a casual 40mb/s over it and not a single error to be seen.
It has been connected for 50 days, the amount of time it took me to get
to the step of checking signal.

I wonder if I could use this for a while until I correct it
with the proper laser/card?

best wishes,


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