[j-nsp] Netflow data exporting ability on M160

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Sat Nov 27 03:01:42 EST 2004


I'm collecting netflow export data from two M160 box.
With one box(m160-1), there are three 2.5Gbps POS
interface monitored with samping rate of 1:500, the
other M160(m160-2) has only on 2.5Gbps POS interface
monitored at the same sampling rate.

I use flow-tools and CUFlow to do post processing.
After processing raw data collected by flowtools, I
invoke CUGrapher.cgi ( a part of CUFlow) to graph
those data analized. It shows, the total bandwidth
utilized of M160-1 and that of M160-2 are nearly
identical, that is, both of them taked a burden of
2.1Gbps( both direction). But the real situation is: 
"show interfaces" shows each POS interface has a
burden around 2.1Gbps (all day time).  

Checking the amount of disk space occupied by raw 
data of two m160s, M160-2's data accumulates to about 
2/3 of M160-1's. 

As I know Cisco's netflow export is limited by its
lince card packet processing ability , is M160 also
has such limitations? 



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