[j-nsp] Netflow data exporting ability on M160

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Sun Nov 28 02:53:43 EST 2004

> IIRC the magic cutoff for classic netflow processing
> without one of the 
> funky service cards for it is 7000pps of sampled
> data. With a 500:1 sample 
> rate, that means you would top out at 3.5Mpps. If
> you're going to do more 
> than that, sample less frequently.

sorry, I still do not understand. 

I run "show interfaces" on the M160 with three POS
sampled. The results:


  Input rate     : 2057187176 bps (572668 pps)
  Output rate    : 1898785304 bps (619012 pps)

  Input rate     : 2047617800 bps (563212 pps)
  Output rate    : 1925071056 bps (615424 pps)


  Input rate     : 2148126912 bps (612172 pps)
  Output rate    : 2061728912 bps (655415 pps)

The total packet rate is : 3637903pps. It exceed the
capacity just a little, so I think it's not the
situation that it should have 2/3 traffic missed. 




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