[j-nsp] Bgp hold time

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Fri Oct 22 13:11:00 EDT 2004

Wei Keong writes:

> Hi Everyone, Does anyone know why Juniper choose to have a shorter
> hold time compared to Cisco? Is there any advantage/disadvantage in
> doing so?

You have to pick a number. The number we picked seems reasonable to
us. Most people seem to agree since they seldom change it.

> We observed bgp flapping (juniper - juniper peering, juniper - cisco
> peering) because of Hold Timer Expire. Do you guys experience this
> before?

Regardless of which Hold time default, juniper's or cisco's choice, if
you have a hold timer expire you have a problem. I believe you want to
diagnose why you lost connectivity for so long rather than
concentrating on what the hold timer value should be.


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