[j-nsp] Bgp hold time

Wei Keong chooweikeong at pacific.net.sg
Sat Oct 23 13:19:42 EDT 2004

Hi Steven,

This problem happen in EBGP & IBGP. I will try to gather some stats to see 
if there is any pattern...

Thanks everyone for your input.

Wei Keong

On Sat, 23 Oct 2004, Steven Wong wrote:

> Hi Wei Keong,
> There are too many things can be related. The BGP is an EBGP or an IBGP
> session ? Does it always happen with a session on a specific link ?  If
> they are pretty random, you might need to check the PFE and see if you
> have any pkt drop there which really needs JTAC to track it down.
> Regards,
> Steven
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> Hi Steven,
> Ya, agree that it could be due to the link congestion sometimes. But, we
> do observe hold time expire in non-congested links. The strange thing is
> the problem happens once in a while in M5/M20 router. Do you know if
> there
> is a bug reported in Junos v5.6?
> Thanks,
> Wei Keong
> On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, Steven Wong wrote:
>> Hi Wei Keong,
>> The default hold time value being selected shouldn't be related to the
>> problem you have seen coz. the session will pick the shortest one
>> anyway.  With the TCP re-tx capability, even if there is a KA packet
>> lost on the wire, the router should be able to re-send the KA packet
>> within 90 secs hold-time period.
>> From your description, it looks like either you have got a real
>> congested link which drops the BGP KA pkts or you have seen a bug. I
>> would suggest you to open a case with JTAC to check what's wrong.
>> Regards,
>> Steven
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>> Hi Everyone,
>> Does anyone know why Juniper choose to have a shorter hold time
> compared
>> to Cisco? Is there any advantage/disadvantage in doing so?
>> We observed bgp flapping (juniper - juniper peering, juniper - cisco
>> peering) because of Hold Timer Expire. Do you guys experience this
>> before?
>> Thanks,
>> Wei Keong
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