[j-nsp] Copy of inet.0

Mellott, Eric mellotte at netcsc.com
Wed Oct 27 07:41:55 EDT 2004

I am attempting to create a new routing table which is a complete copy
of inet.0, except I want the default route to be pointed to the bit
bucket.  Below is a sample of the configuration.  I have tried setting
up an import-policy but can't get the routes in inet.0 copied into
test-route-table.  I know how to get the interface routes into the new
table, but don't know how to get igp or egp routes into the new table.
Can this be done?  Any help would be appreciated.  



rib-groups {


        import-rib [ inet.0 test-route-table.inet.0 ];





> show configuration routing-instances

test-route-table {

    instance-type forwarding;

    routing-options {

        static {

            route next-hop discard;






Thank you,



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