[j-nsp] BGP problem...

Erol Kahraman erol.kahraman at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 07:31:24 EDT 2005

I have a M7i router which is connected to internet via 2Mb F/R
connection. Everything is ok. But when i make a stress test my BGP
connection peer send me log as follows.

Apr  7 12:48:20  Router1 rpd[2520]: bgp_traffic_timeout: NOTIFICATION
sent to x.y.z.t (External AS 21): code 4 (Hold Timer Expired Error),
Reason: holdtime expired for x.y.z.t (External AS 21), socket buffer
sndcc: 19 rcvcc: 0 TCP state: 4, snd_una: 3435220949 snd_nxt:
3435220968 snd_wnd: 16384 rcv_nxt: 1777406639 rcv_adv: 1777423023,
keepalive timer 0
Apr  7 12:49:02  Router1 rpd[2520]: x.y.z.t (External AS 21): reseting
pending active connection

I have flooded an UDP packets to any server in my network from
external source. I have filter which block that traffic but after some
time the BGP connection is reseted. After that i've wrote a policer
like this to limit all traffik to 1,9M and exclude BGP packets for the
rest 100k bandwith.
In spide of this my problem is persist. Do some of you have
experienced problem like this.

if-exceeding {
    bandwidth-limit 1900000;
    burst-size-limit 10k;
then discard;

term T15 {
                from {
                    protocol udp;
                    destination-port [ xx  ];
                then {

term T30 {
            from {
                address {
                port-except bgp;
            then {
                policer POLICER1;
                count SAYAC1;

    e1-0/3/0 {
        encapsulation frame-relay;
        lmi {
            lmi-type ansi;
        unit 0 {
            dlci 40;
            family inet {
                filter {
                    input FILTER1;

System Network Administrator

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