[j-nsp] flow sampling of pre-filtered packets

Swen Stevenson swensteve at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 30 03:37:19 EDT 2005

We have a Juniper M10 running JunOS 7.1.x.  What we want is either the netflow to be generated before the filters are applied or for netflow to be generated for both accepted and discarded packets at the configured sampling rate (currently 1:100).
No matter where we filter (input or output interface), we only seem to be able to get flow data for accepted packets; never for discarded/rejected packets.  What are we missing -- Is it the case that we need to have one of those $30K PICs (adapter services pic or the monitoring pic) to do what we want?  Or is there something else obvious we are missing -- example configs would be handy.
Swen Stevenson

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