[j-nsp] cspf to secondary loopback

Stefan Mink mink at schlund.net
Mon Aug 1 06:14:11 EDT 2005


Piotr Marecki wrote:
> If you dont't want to play with forwarding-table export policies and still want to use CSPF and multiple BGP NEXT_HOPs there is
> alternative solution with install x.x.x.x/32 under [protocols mpls label-switched-path xxx] stanza. Simply you can define
> multiple addresses on lo0 which then you can use with your multiple LSP's on the head-end with install command. Then your
> BGP prefixes will be forwarded through relevant LSP , depending on NEXT_HOP attribute. I know it's kinda complicated solution , 
> but at least you can use CSPF.

but since I set up the LSP with the primary loopback address,
packets for prefixes with that nexthop would travel through
the lsp as well which is exactly what I don't want to have.
I'd like to be able to do separate TE for the individual NHs...

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