[j-nsp] Re: AAA on ERX to Cisco Secure ACS

Thomas, Steven SThomas at birch.com
Mon Aug 1 10:41:18 EDT 2005

In my experience, the ERX does not do TACACs accounting.  At least not
in the Cisco sense.  Assuming that you're wanting command line
accounting, you have to use syslog.  You can get CLI logging turned on
and sent to a syslog server with the following commands:

 log destination syslog facility 7 severity debug
 log severity info cliCommand

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Hello, i have asked this question before, i would appreciate any tips


On 6/28/05, Kim Onnel <karim.adel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> We have a c vendor based network, juniper is stepping in, we started
> an ERX and our TACACS is done from a Cisco Secure ACS software, its an
> version (3.1), i would like to be able to receive accounting and do 
> authorzation from there, the authentication is working though, has
> had any experience with this, how do i make the ACS juniper-enabled ?
> Regards
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