[j-nsp] Importing static default route into ospf?

Doug Marschke doug at ipath.net
Mon Aug 1 15:56:54 EDT 2005

[edit policy-options policy-statement stat]
lab at San_Jose_3-3# show 
from protocol static;
then accept;

lab at San_Jose-3# show protocols ospf   
export stat;
area {
    interface so-0/2/0.0;
    interface at-0/1/0.100;

Policy will take affect as soon as your apply it.  It is not applied under
routing-options however.  This is only for policy applied from the routing
table to the forwarding table.

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I'm not having any success doing this. Anyone got a quick example?

Also, after committing a change in routing options policy, do I need to
issue some command (maybe clear ospf database) to force the new policy to be




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