[j-nsp] Juniper NAT / service-set / service-filter

Elmar Kirchner elmar at juniper.net
Fri Aug 5 07:03:44 EDT 2005

Hi Uwe,

have a look at the "next-hop service" in the service PIC manuals. This should do what you describe.


At 11:12 AM 8/5/2005, Uwe Sauerland wrote:
>how is it possible to get traffic which is not destined to a service-set to 
>get processed "normally"?
>Idea: create an input filter like "if destination-prefix=xxx then 
>routing-instance yyy, else accept", and in "routing-instance" configure type 
>"forwarding" just saying "next-table inet.0". If "accept" in the filter 
>process the "service-set" configured on the interface.
>What do you think?
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