[j-nsp] High failure rates for M7i/M10i hard disks?

Saku Ytti saku+juniper-nsp at ytti.fi
Sat Aug 20 15:12:16 EDT 2005

On (2005-08-20 09:38 +0200), sthaug at nethelp.no wrote:

> We have around 25 M7i/M10i in production, and we have had 3 hard disks
> fail during the last year. The last instance was rather ridiculous - M7i
> with failed hard disk, we RMAed the RE, it was swapped - and after one
> week, the new hard disk failed also.
> Has anybody else seen similar problems?

 Our LAB M7i had hard disk fail in first 2-3 months in operation. It
automaticly remove HDD from bios boot order and on next reloaded 
refused to come up as it didn't have flash at all. Setting it back 
to bios and box booted just nicely, but I decided to RMA it anyhow as
diagnostics[0] displayed errors.
 The RE in question is still MIA byt Finnish postal service, but that's
 whole another story)

[0] request chassis routing-engine diagnostics [all|compact-flash|hard-disk|memory]


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