[j-nsp] High failure rates for M7i/M10i hard disks?

Saku Ytti saku+juniper-nsp at ytti.fi
Fri Aug 26 16:02:45 EDT 2005

On (2005-08-26 15:55 -0400), Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

> > And that field alert is now out: PSN-2005-08-014
> > 
> > https://www.juniper.net/alerts/viewalert.jsp?actionBtn=Search&txtAlertNumber=PSN-2005-08-014&viewMode=view
> I hope they're not actually saying that the hard drive can't handle being 
> written to every 10 secs?
> Bullshit meter: [........../]

 I can accept that the disks fail, or they get bad set from vendor, 
what I have harder time accepting is that the box quite often stops
functioning _and_ that you can't  replace the disks without interruption.


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