[j-nsp] Request for Cross-vendor MPLS FRR Configuration examples...

Piotr Marecki peter at mareccy.org
Tue Aug 30 12:32:21 EDT 2005


It seems that Cisco supports only facility backup method of fast-reroute 
extensions , with signalization
via setting bits in SESSION_ATTRIBUTE flag field. I have tested that tunnels 
brought up
by cisco with 12.0(30)S  as head-end with configured node-link protection 
are working well with juniper boxes - where tology allows
bypass tunnels are pressignalled by junipers protecting from link/node 
Cisco head-end are configured with "tunnel mpls traffic-eng fast-reroute 
node-protect" and
juniper routers with "set protocols rsvp interface x link-protection" where 
Additionally , Juniper also supports one-to-one protection method , with 
DETOUR objects used for signalization.Needless to say , Cisco doesn't 
understand those objects and therefore
can't act as PLR or merge point for detour lsp's ( since Juniper uses backup 
path identification method by including DETOUR
object ) . Question is if you need one-to-one protection scheme...

best regards

Piotr Marecki

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> Greetings Cisco and Juniper operators,
> Sorry for yet another cross-list post, but I suppose this request is
> quite relevant to both lists =)
> I've been looking for any documentation either stating that Fast
> Reroute will not currently interoperate between IOS and JunOS, or
> documentation showing that it will - _including configuration
> examples_...
> There seems to be plenty of documentation on establishing LSPs between
> platforms, which indeed works well enough, but I've not yet found any
> documentation relating to FRR interoperability and am wondering if
> it's currently in the same state as diffserv-TE interop...
> Thanks for any input,
>     ~Aaron
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