[j-nsp] bgp_rt_send_group_subr error messages

Jake Bourgeois jbourg at jtac.juniper.net
Wed Aug 31 16:12:52 EDT 2005


Purely informational and found in traceoptions (think flag normal would 
output this) and are referring to the read/write process with the 
described bgp peer/group.

bgp_rt_send_active_subr: Send to an active subset of peers on a group; then a description of what is sent to a peer.

Nothing to worry about.

Thanks and Regards,
Jake Bourgeois

Devon True wrote:

>Anyone know what the following error messages mean? I searched Google 
>and looked at the 7.0 "System Log Messages Reference" PDF at 
>but found no references.
>Aug 30 22:30:03 bgp_rt_send_group_subr: table 0 sending to 3 in-sync 
>peers in group INTERNAL-PEERS type Internal
>Aug 30 22:30:03 bgp_rt_send_group_subr: group group INTERNAL-PEERS type 
>  Internal sent: 1 no routes deferred Flash deferred: 0 Peers lost sync: 0
> > show version
>Model: m5
>JUNOS Base OS boot [7.0R2.7]
>JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [7.0R2.7]
>JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [7.0R2.7]
>JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (M5/M10) [7.0R2.7]
>JUNOS Routing Software Suite [7.0R2.7]
>JUNOS Online Documentation [7.0R2.7]
>JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [7.0R2.7]

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