[j-nsp] Question on CFlowd

Joe Shen sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn
Tue Dec 6 21:11:50 EST 2005


I read archive of cflow at
which confuse me a lot. 

 in above post, it is said that max-packets-per-second
limit the threshold of pfe packet dropping, and the
default value of max-packets-per-second  is 1000,  if
there is four switch fabri the total packet speed
should be less than 4000pps; it is also stated
internal hareware bandwidth is 100Mbps and built-in
rate limit is 7000pps.  . 

What I do not understand is:

1) does max-packets-per-second limit the threshold of
number of  packet sampled by each switch fabric in one

2) is the built-in limit 7000pps limit the single
switch fabric sampling rate? 
   if it is, does this mean the total output rate of 4
switch fabric could be 28000pps?

3) Isn't the 100Mbps hardware bandwidth the upper

4) can i calculate the  largest amount of traffic that
could be monitored with one  M160 box?

thanks in advance



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