[j-nsp] ERX310 radius configuration

??? hfwu at seu.edu.cn
Mon Dec 19 07:24:38 EST 2005

Hello everybody!

Is there a way to make the commond "aaa accounting acct-stop on-aaa-failure enable" to function correctly?
We use ERX310, and "aaa accounting acct-stop on-aaa-failure enable" is inside the configuration file(both in default virtual router and other vrs) but just do not act as we want. It still send account-stop packet when a user authenticate failed.

I googled the web but find no solution. Can you tell me how to solve this?

The following is the version description of erx
ERX-41-70-c7#show version 
Juniper Edge Routing Switch ERX-310
Copyright (c) 1999-2005 Juniper Networks, Inc.  All rights reserved.
System Release: erx310_7-0-0.rel
        Version: 7.0.0 release-0.0 [BuildId 3768]   (July 12, 2005  16:39)
System running for: 3 days, 1 hour, 11 minutes, 10 seconds
        (since FRI DEC 16 2005 11:12:35 UTC)

slot state     type     admin  spare running release   slot uptime 
---- ------ ---------- ------- ----- ---------------- -------------
0    online SRP310-10G enabled  ---  erx310_7-0-0.rel 3d01h:10m:48s
1    online GE-HDE-2   enabled  ---  erx310_7-0-0.rel 3d01h:10m:26s
2     ---      ---       ---    ---        ---             ---     

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