[j-nsp] Logging question

Scott Morris swm at emanon.com
Fri Dec 23 21:16:52 EST 2005

Heheheh...  Never a dull moment there!

Changing between vendors is always an interesting process, particularly if
there's a comfort level.  I've actually done work for folks that wanted to
make their Juniper boxes (like route preferences and such) work in exactly
the same fashion that their IOS boxes did.   Not always rational, but I can
understand one step at a time!

So how well did that go over with the TAC guy?  :)


PS.  If nobody has told you (or you haven't seen them) already, check out
the Sybex books for JNCIP and JNCIE.  Even if you aren't going for your
certification, there are some really good breakdowns of the topics and
configs so that you can liken their function to the things in IOS you are
used to already.  That makes the learning curve that much easier! 

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Once upon a time, Scott Morris <swm at emanon.com> said:
> Log is local to the box (/var/log directory I believe).  If you look 
> in your filter creation I believe you'll find "syslog" as an 
> additional option that would better suit your needs.

Okay, I missed that option.  Thanks.

> Sometimes having too many options gets confusing!  :)

This is our first Juniper (although it definately won't be our last; I think
one of our guys told Cisco TAC that this week on one of our open
cases) and I'm still learning.
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