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Doug Marschke doug at ipath.net
Tue Dec 27 16:46:46 EST 2005

Looks like there is some type of RSVP object/encoding that is not being


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I'm trying to build an l3vpn between a J-series (in a lab, will be m-series
in production) and an E-series. Config seems straightforward enough, but for
some reason the two routers are not establishing themselves as rsvp
neighbors. From what I can tell, there is an LSP up between the two routers
in one direction only. The routers are connected back-to-back via Ethernet.

This is what things look like on the J-series:

lab at test> show mpls lsp extensive    
Ingress LSP: 1 sessions

  From:, State: Dn, ActiveRoute: 0, LSPname: pe1
  ActivePath: (none)
  LoadBalance: Random
  Encoding type: Packet, Switching type: Packet, GPID: IPv4
  Primary                    State: Dn
    SmartOptimizeTimer: 180
    Computed ERO (S [L] denotes strict [loose] hops): (CSPF metric: 1) S 
   10814 Dec 28 09:16:02 RSVP error, subcode 14[3 times]
   10813 Dec 28 09:15:53 CSPF: computation result accepted
   10812 Dec 28 09:15:24 RSVP error, subcode 14[4 times]
   10811 Dec 28 09:15:06 CSPF: computation result accepted
   10810 Dec 28 09:14:37 RSVP error, subcode 14[4 times]
   10809 Dec 28 09:14:19 CSPF: computation result accepted
  Created: Sun Dec 25 10:07:31 2005
Total 1 displayed, Up 0, Down 1

Egress LSP: 1 sessions
  From: xx.xxx.8.14, LSPstate: Up, ActiveRoute: 0
  Suggested label received: -, Suggested label sent: -
  Recovery label received: -, Recovery label sent: -
  Resv style: 1 SE, Label in: 3, Label out: -
  Time left:  148, Since: Sun Dec 25 10:59:17 2005
  Tspec: rate 0bps size 0bps peak 0bps m 0 M 0
  Port number: sender 1 receiver 1 protocol 0
  PATH rcvfrom: (fe-0/0/0.100) 8564 pkts
  PATH sentto: localclient
  RESV rcvfrom: localclient 
  Record route: <self>  
Total 1 displayed, Up 1, Down 0

Transit LSP: 0 sessions
Total 0 displayed, Up 0, Down 0


lab at test> show configuration protocols 
rsvp {
    traceoptions {
        file rsvp.log world-readable;
        flag all;
    interface fe-0/0/0.100;
mpls {
    label-switched-path pe1 {
        to xx.xxx.8.14;
    interface fe-0/0/0.100;
bgp {
    group ibgp {
        family inet-vpn {
        neighbor xx.xxx.8.14 {
            peer-as 17746;
ospf {
    area {
        interface lo0.0 {
        interface fe-0/0/0.100 {
            authentication {
                simple-password "$9$P5Qn/Ctp0I3nlK8XwsQFn/0B"; ##

lab at test> show configuration interfaces
unit 100 {
    description "J2300";
    vlan-id 100;
    family inet {
    family mpls;

lo0 {
    unit 0 {
        family inet {

And on the ERX:

ERX-a0-3a-53#show mpls tunnels 

LSP vpnEgL16-1 for
  State:  Up
  In  label 16 on stack 
    0 pkts, 0 hcPkts, 0 octets
    0 hcOctets, 0 errors, 0 discardPkts

Tunnel pe2 to
  State:  Up
  Out label implicit-null on GigabitEthernet4/0.100 nbr
    0 pkts, 0 hcPkts, 0 octets
    0 hcOctets, 0 errors, 0 discardPkts
    queue 0: traffic class best-effort, bound to vlan GigabitEthernet4/0.100
      Queue length 0 bytes 
      Forwarded packets 0, bytes 0
      Dropped committed packets 0, bytes 0
      Dropped conformed packets 0, bytes 0
      Dropped exceeded packets 0, bytes 0

  tunnel is announced to   BGP
  (Global) Retry forever 
       at (Global) interval 5 during Lsp setup if there is route
  (Global) Retry forever 
       at (Global) interval 5 during Lsp setup if there is no route
  metric is relative 0


router bgp 17746
 bgp graceful-restart
 no synchronization
 no auto-summary
 redistribute access-internal
neighbor remote-as 17746
 neighbor update-source loopback0
 neighbor next-hop-self
 neighbor send-community
 neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound
 no neighbor rib-out disable
 address-family vpnv4 unicast
  neighbor activate
  neighbor next-hop-self
  neighbor send-community extended
  no neighbor rib-out disable
 address-family ipv4 unicast vrf test_vpn
  no synchronization
  no auto-summary
  redistribute static
  redistribute connected

router ospf 120
 router-id xx.xxx.8.14
 mpls traffic-eng router-id loopback0
! Area
 mpls traffic-eng area
 network xx.xxx.8.14 area
 network xx.xxx.9.0 area
 network area

interface loopback 0
 ip address xx.xxx.8.14

interface tunnel mpls:pe2
 tunnel mpls autoroute announce bgp
 tunnel destination

I don't have any idea what "RSVP error, subcode 14" means, and I can't find
any reference to it in the Junos or Junose docs or anywhere else online.
I've been through the config on both routers, and I can't see any obvious
problems - although this config is fairly new to me, so I might just be
missing something. Can anyone suggest anything else to try? 

Thomas Salmen
Network Operations
Orcon Internet
P +64 9 487 2754
M +64 21 766 761

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