[j-nsp] PIO Read error?

Adam Rothschild asr at latency.net
Fri Feb 25 11:07:07 EST 2005


I've run into a GIG-SX (non rev B) PIC returning the following error
repeatedly on a box running 6.3R1.3:

  Feb 25 08:08:54  somerouter feb CMFPC: PIC 0/0 PIO Read error, address 0x0048
  Feb 25 08:20:25  somerouter feb CMFPC: failed to read PIC 0/0 ID eeprom

...and along with that, the underlying interface going into a down
state.  'request chassis pic fpc-slot X pic-slot X [offline|online]'
doesn't bring the interface back into service, nor does reseating the

I'm guessing we're dealing with a PIC gone sour, though I'd be
interested in other hardware or software-related issues to look at as
well, such as possible midplane failure.  Any clues would be


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