[j-nsp] Re: M5 - outbound load balancing

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Wed Jan 19 20:37:32 EST 2005

Stefan A Fouant writes:

> I see the error in my ways ;) So just for my understanding, please
> clarify...

> If the two peers were in the same AS but were configured under
> different peer groups, each configured with multipath, would this
> still work?

Yes, as long as they have multipath enabled.

Multipath can group any path eligible for multipath. It has to have
been received from a peer with multipath enabled (or inherited via
group or global config); and it has to be "compatible" with the
leading path... (i.e. same neighboring as).

Can you see PR 51778 ? It adds a way to disable the second check.

But it should only be used very careful... hopefully when the path is
not readvertised out of a leaf AS.


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