[j-nsp] M7i router with ATA disk going bad?

Andrew Ramsey akramsey at juniper.net
Wed Mar 2 02:36:41 EST 2005


These messages do not indicate a hardware failure.  See PR56203.


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> Subject: [j-nsp] M7i router with ATA disk going bad?
> We have two different M7i routers that have each logged one (and only
> one) instance of the following message:
> atareadhdidentity: ioctl: Resource temporarily unavailable
> and at the same time "show chassis hardware detail" (which is used by
> rancid) shows that the ad1 disk is apparently absent. At the 
> next rancid run, everything is back to normal.
> We have reported this to JTAC, and have been asked to run 
> "smartd" to perform disk testing and report the results back 
> to Juniper. But we have received no resolution to the problem 
> (if it is indeed a problem).
> Has anybody else seen this? We are somewhat worried that it 
> could indicate a disk going bad, since we have had a disk 
> dying once on an M10i (which of course uses the same RE and 
> ATA disk as M7i). Note that when the M10i disk died, we 
> received no "atareadhdidentity" message.
> Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at nethelp.no 
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