[j-nsp] PBR Cisco vs Juniper

Pedro Roque Marques roque at juniper.net
Wed Mar 9 12:33:58 EST 2005

Bosco Sachanandani writes:

> It still does NOT work when I try to import this from the
> VRF. Anyone wanna enlighten me why this is NOT allowed or where
> exactly I am going wrong here? I am curious to know why not. I am
> using Junos 6.4.

VRFs expect their auto-export policy to computed automatically based
on the existence of overlapping route targets. So they do not accept
an "import-policy" statement.

In this particular situation you do have to use a rib-group.

You can either use a rib-group on a per-protocol level, or you can
configure one as part of the vrf instance [routing-options auto-export
family inet] hierarchy.

In your case it seems that configuring the rib-group at the
interface-route level makes more sense. 


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