[j-nsp] Can traceoption work in logical-router ?

Piotr Marecki peter at mareccy.org
Sun Mar 13 08:21:58 EST 2005

> Hi all,
> I try to switch on traceoption in a logical-router for isis, but it
doens't work ! I don't even see the filename appears in /var/log.
> My M box is 6.4R2.

Yeah , search under /var/log/SG/  directory ( in general
/var/log/logical_router_name/ ), at least
it does so under 7.0. It is somehow weird , because docs says that it should
create trace files
under /var/tmp/logical_router_name - maybe it's a bug in documentation.


Piotr Marecki
Netia S.A

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