[j-nsp] graceful failover and software upgrades

Roberts, Michael J. (IATS) RobertsMJ at missouri.edu
Fri Mar 18 12:24:05 EST 2005

Maybe I am missing something here.  We have several M20s that have
redundant REs.  Now that JNPR supports most of the major protocols and
PICs (that we have) in graceful fail-over, I want to enable this on our
routers.  I have started with enabling it on our lab chassis, and found
that it works with two routing engines running the same version of
JUNOS.  What I do not understand is the process for performing graceful
failovers during a software code upgrade.  If I have to disable graceful
fail-over during a software upgrade, then it does not do me much good
unless I have a layer-3 failover that will route around the 'failed'
node.  Maybe I am not understanding the capabilities of the feature or
not reading the docs correctly?  Can anyone give me some insight on
this?  Thx.



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