[j-nsp] M40 and Multilink PPP

Sean Mentzer smentzer at mentzer.org
Mon Mar 28 15:52:03 EST 2005

In english, that means you can do Link Services (layer 2 services) OR 
firewall/vpn/etc (layer 3 services), not both at the same time.  In fact 
when you configure the AS PIC to do link services, it now shows up as a 
'Link Services' PIC under a show chassis...

Nils Swart wrote:

>Regarding James' remark: MLPPP/LFI for ASM/ASPIC has been introduced in 
>7.1R1.3, according to the release notes:
>"LSQ interfaces on the AS PIC or ASM (AS PICs on all platforms and the ASM 
>in the M7i platform) When you configure an AS PIC or ASM to support the 
>Layer 2 service package, enables you to configure Link services 
>intelligent queuing (LSQ) interfaces on the PIC. LSQ interfaces support 
>JUNOS software CoS components, LFI (FRF.12), Multilink Frame Relay (MLFR) 
>user-to-network interface (UNI).network-to-network interface (NNI) 
>(FRF.16), and Multilink PPP (RFC 1990, The PPP Multilink Protocol (MP))."
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