[j-nsp] Kompella L2VPN question urgent-Multiple CE connections

Alexander Tarkhov karabass at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 09:07:33 EST 2006

Hi Shahryar,

Given this scenario there is probably no better way to do this.
All the complexity comes from customer requirements.
May be you can review the requirements with customer?
And for example he would agree that you provide only a full mesh of VPs (ATM
Virtual Paths) across all sites. That would allow him to manage the
numbering of the 9 VCs and all that details himself? As far as I know
Juniper ATM ports support transporting VP through MPLS core.

Not sure about signalling such connections and using Kompella draft here.


On 2/2/06, shahryar khan <kshahryark at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> As metioned in the duiagrams the problem is related to
> transporting multiple ATM pvcs across the MPLS
> backbone. The option chjosen in our case was by using
> Kompella draft.
> My issue is that is there a better way of povisionin
> this setup, in which we require 9 * (n*(n-1)/2) PVC's
> between different sites?
> e.g assumming just three sites, we will be having 18
> pvcs from each site (9 going to each of the othe two
> sites). We shall be using unique site-ids for every
> circuit.
> So, is there an optimal way of doing this? and how can
> we makwe it more scalable as we add more sites (means
> more PVC end points)?
> Shahryar

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