[j-nsp] Filter odd and even ip address in JUNOS

Kae Hsu kae at du.net.tw
Sun Feb 5 00:51:14 EST 2006

Dear all:

Does anyone have idea in this issue?
OR I can't find this feature in current JUNOS release?
Any opinion is welcome, thanks!!!

Best Regards,

Kae Hsu
Communication Network Dept.
Digital United Inc. (AS4780)

Kae Hsu wrote:
> Hello guys:
> In IOS command we can use wildcard bits to accomplish this goal;
> For example I can use
> access-list 1 permit ip
> to filter "odd" addresses and
> access-list 2 permit ip
> to filter "even" addresses from 192.168.10/24
> Could I have a equivalence command(S) in JUNOS??

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