[j-nsp] Multicast design with PIM-SM

F J ripprapp at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 14 10:32:34 EST 2006

I have a question about Multicast, PIM-SM and RPs.

Assume you have two routers connected via a link. you have multicast sources 
connected to both routers. As multicast protocoll you use PIM-SM and one of 
the routers is configured as RP.

All hosts subscribing to the Multicast groups are situated behind the 

When the link between the two routers go down I assume the clients will 
loose ALL multicast groups since the non-RP router looses contact with the 
RP. I would like them to still be able to see the groups that belong to the 
multicast sources connected to the non-RP router...

Any suggestions how this could be achieved in an easy way?

/// Fredrik

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